Poly-Flo Induction E-Coupler

The Poly-Flo system is an extension of the double containment piping system. Pipes and fittings are manufactured in one-step (extruded / molded) and are fully pressure rated.

Induction welding:

The induction E-coupler consists of a metal ring, which is covered with PE or PP by injection molding. The ring inductor is an electrical coil, which creates a magnetic field. Due to the inductive heating, the plastic is plasticized in the welding area and connects the pipe with the E-coupler.

Poly-Flo Induction E-Coupler by AGRU
Poly-Flo Induction E-Coupler by AGRU

Advantages & attributes:

Supply range for induction welding
Supply range for induction welding

Welding methods:
• Simultaneous welding
• Cascade welding
   --> Inside pipe: Infrared- or butt-welding
   --> Outside pipe: Induction-welding

Advantages of cascade welding:
• Welding seam of the inner pipe can be checked visually.
• Pressure test can be done on the inner pipe, before the outside pipe is welded.
• The induction E-coupler is very small; therefore also 2 fittings can be welded together directly.

Contact Person:

Technical Engineering

Gruber Erich
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Wimmer Manfred
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