AGRU PE 100-RC E-coupler


The new AGRU E-coupler bifilar machined in SDR 26 completes the system and opens new application fields.

Leightweight and thus easy to handle, the SDR 26 E-coupler made from PE 100-RC requires short welding times without pre-heating. Ovalities of the components to be welded as well as big annular gaps are compensated widely to provide a perfect welding result. If for sewage, industrial applications or fishfarming, the AGRU SDR 26 E-coupler provides the perfect fit.

The new AGRU E-coupler machined in SDR 26.

Advantages & attributes:

Dimensions PE 100-RC E-coupler bifilar machined
Dimensions PE 100-RC E-coupler - bifilar machined
PE 100-RC E-coupler
PE 100-RC E-coupler - bifilar machined


A fully embedded heating wire provides
• Easy-to-clean welding surface
• Protection against corrosion
• Uniform and material friendly heat distribution in the welding area

Premium material PE 100-RC provides
• Outstanding resistance against slow crack growth
• Cost savings through installation without sand bed

Bifilar welding system
• Two separate welding zones
• One-sided pre-welding (e.g. in workshop) possible
• Welding with universal welding machines
• Tension belts for perfect welding pressure

Extremely efficient
• Leightweight
• Short welding times without pre-heating

Contact Person:

Technical Engineering

Berger Kurt
+43 (0) 7258 790-3308
Vukelja Mario
+43 (0) 7258 790-3318


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