Hydrogen Technology Expo

AGRU is exhibiting here together with our partner Frank.

Key Facts:

Hydrogen Technology Expo
Technologies and Solutions for a low Carbon Hydrogen
Bremen / Germany
27 - 28 September 2023
Hall: 6, Booth No. A100
Website: https://www.hydrogen-worldexpo.com

AGRU and Frank present future-proof solutions for H2 applications made of plastic

The majority of AGRULINE products are already "H2ready" and thus demonstrably suitable for the transport of hydrogen. AGRULINE products have been ensuring the clean, safe and reliable transport of gas and water for decades. It is therefore obvious to use this proven system for the transport of hydrogen as well. Furthermore, AGRUCHEM and the semi-finished product portfolio (materials PP, PE, Fluoropolymers) allow for the safe transport and storage of gaseous and liquid media in the production of hydrogen as well as in carbon capture, utilisation and storage technologies.
More information:  Hydrogen relaibly transported with the AGRU PE-100RC

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