Visit of the Upper Austria federal state government at AGRU

On Friday 27 June 2014 AGRU was visited by a delegation of the Upper Austria federal state government. The delegation consisted of the employees of the environment and water management department, the mayor of Bad Hall as well as representatives of several installation companies.

First the installation site in the Grünburger Street in Bad Hall was visited, where the old steel and asbestos cement pipelines were replaced by a new polymer pipeline.

During the installation AGRU Sureline®-pipes with protective layer were used. Sureline®-pipes with protective layer are especially suitable for the pipe bursting technique, because the actual pipe is protected from the scratches and cuts by the protective layer.

The new pipeline was installed using the pipe bursting (berstlining) process. During the pipe bursting process the old pipeline is burst using a bursting head and the new pipe is pulled through in a single operation. For the installation only few construction pits are necessary, the street stays mostly untouched.

After the visit of the building site, the guests were invited to a factory tour at AGRU. During the factory tour the factory 1 (injection moulding), factory 2 (extrusion) and factory 3 (high rack warehouse) were visited.

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