Top-grade fittings

Highest precision, enormous patience and millimeter accurate processing are the requirements for the production of this fitting.

AGRU delivers PP pipes, moulded parts and special constructions in dimensions of up to OD 1600 mm for the transport of waste air from an industrial plant. Additionally, AGRUs PURAD PVDF UHP piping system is deployed to supply all ultra-pure water for this cutting-edge solar cell factory. AGRU infrared machines are used exclusively for the welded joints of the pipeline. A particular challenge was producing the large-dimensioned welded specially-formed parts, which were prefabricated in the AGRU welding department. This was done in order to make the transfer of the parts to the construction site easier and to ensure the required quality. Christian Ghiulai, the acting head of the welding department, made the following statement: “The moulded part which I am standing next to weighs over a tonne. It is five metres long and measures 1.40 m in diameter. Exactness, along with a lot of patience, is necessary to produce these special components. It is necessary to take the time to cut the segments with millimetre precision, without welding the pieces to each other incorrectly and also so as not to damage the completed moulded part whilst it is being manipulated. We needed four days in total to create this moulded part from the pipes. I am excited about the pictures from the construction site, the installation at the customers site is what makes the finished job perfect.

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