Plastics as a material of value

The information event "recyclable plastic" with expert talk instead, took place on November 14th in the Andorf Technology School, the HTBLA Andorf.

Our head of AGRU Application Engineering, Mr. Ing. Albert Lueghamer, presented to the enthusiastic audience the marine protection project "The Ocean Cleanup" for which AGRU supplied the 600 m long floating body.

From the used beverage bottle to the new product - sustainable circular economy is the key to the intelligent use of resources. The symposium addressed the population as well as those interested in education and business in the catchment area of the Andorf Technology School. The focus was on the recycling of synthetic materials. The fact that domestic companies contribute to the solution of global environmental problems was demonstrated by the example of AGRU Kunststofftechnik GmbH. Our company is responsible for the heart of the project "The Ocean Cleanup" for the removal of plastic waste in oceans. Mr. Lueghamer explained not only the functional principle and operation principle of the Ocean Cleanup System, but also the technical solution behind it. Following the keynote speeches, specialists from the plastics processing and recycling industries answered questions.

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