Even thicker PVDF parts

Especially for the production of customized machined parts, AGRU is now producing thick PVDF blocks with a maximum product thickness of 100 mm.

The peculiarity of these PVDF blocks lies in the production process, since thick PVDF sheets are usually produced discontinuously in a compression moulding process. AGRU PVDF blocks are produced using the continuously extrusion process, which allows a fast production of thick semi-finished products. To reduce the internal stresses, all AGRU PVDF blocks are annealed. The quality is therefore comparable to the AGRU PVDF round bars.

For the production of these blocks standard AGRU PVDF resins are used. All these resins and sheets are compliant with the current EU regulations NO 10/2011, which means that these sheets can be also used for food applications.

Thick PVDF sheets are typically used in the production of customized machined parts for the apparatus and tank construction.

All product details in one view

  • Extruded PVDF sheets with a maximum product thickness up to 100 mm
  • Standard dimension 1000 x 610 mm (Maximum length = 3000 mm)
  • All sheets are annealed
  • Mainly used for the production of customized machined parts

Delivery program

1000 x 610 mm
Extrued, annealed
PVDF natural


Special dimension on request

1030.645.1061.101000 x 610 x 1011,85
1630.645.1061.161000 x 610 x 1619,10
5030.645.1061.501000 x 610 x 5058,70
6030.645.1061.601000 x 610 x 6070,80
8030.645.1061.801000 x 610 x 8094,55
10030.645.1061.001000 x 610 x 100117,00




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