Economic renovation with plastic products

When it comes to the rehabilitation of steel or concrete pipes, water tanks or concrete basins, plastic products made of polyethylene play an essential role.

Engineering plastics are the better solution in many renovation cases. Thanks to the simple processing, the high chemical resistance and last but not least because of the attractive prices.

Leaking steel or concrete pipes can be remediated with different methods. The relining with plastic pipes and concrete protection liners prevents the corrosion of sewers and concrete pipes, preserves the old pipe as a protective pipe and is also chemically resistant to aggressive media. It is important to distinguish whether the restoration can take place with or without annulus.

When refurbishing without annulus, the advantage is that the old inner diameter remains almost unchanged and thus also the media flow and the transport capacity are maintained. The company AGRU Kunststofftechnik has been offering well proved solutions for decades. On the one hand, a folded and therefore reduced PE pipe section, the so-called AGRU SureFIT liner, can be pulled into the old pipe. After the AGRU SureFIT Liner has been inserted into the existing old pipe, both ends are sealed and the pipe is pressurized with water vapor. Heat and pressure activate the memory effect. The AGRU SureFIT Liner regains its original round shape and nestles like a second skin inside the old pipe. Particularly large pipe cross-sections are provided with a thermoplastic lining consisting of AGRUSAFE concrete protection liners. The result is a permanently sealed composite pipe, which is resistant to corrosion, abrasion and chemical media.

When renovating with annulus, the pipe cross-section is reduced because the new PE pipes must fit into the old pipe and therefore have a smaller diameter. This results in an unavoidable annular gap between new and old pipe. Partially, the reduced transport capacity is compensated due to the smooth surface of the new PE pipe. The rehabilitation takes place with coiled AGRULINE pipes in standard length of 100 m and OD of up to 90 mm. For larger diameters, individual AGRULINE pipes can be welded step by step in the excavation and pushed into the old pipe. The entire dimension range of available AGRULINE PE pipes (from OD 20 mm to OD 3500 mm) is available for relining.

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