Degree dissertation with AGRU

After successfully finishing his apprenticeship in 2013, Markus Steiner is currently graduating at the technical school in Linz. In his diploma theses he systematically evaluated the new AGRU induction welding system. On May 22nd 2014 Mr. Steiner presented the project and its results at the technical school in Linz.

The theses consisted of 2 main parts. On the one hand the production by injection moulding of the disc was analysed and improved. On the other hand the welding process was thoroughly studied and the welding parameters for different applications and products were determined. The results significantly contributed to the successful introduction of the AGRU Inductofix system.

 The AGRU Induktofix® system was developed for the mechanically assembling of thermoplastic lining systems onto concrete structures without penetration of the lining systems itself. The AGRU Induktofix system is compatible with the AGRU Sure Grip® concrete protective liner, Hydro Click and geomembranes.

Induction Welding

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