Azure pool thanks to Relax Pool Liner

The Hänigsen outdoor pool in the German, Lower Saxony has three swimming pools. Now the largest of them has been completely renovated. FPO Relax in azure blue was installed for a long-lasting swimming experience.

This year in May, after a previous expansion and refurbishment of the pool, the 3-layer structure was ready for lining the swimming pool. A drainage foil was laid directly onto the concrete tub, which dissipates the leachate due to the capillary action to the lowest point of the basin. Afterwards they installed a protective fleece, which levels out unevenness in the substrate. Additionally it protects the actual sealing membrane, the Relax, from damage. Finally, 1,500 m² of pool liner made of the supple material FPO Relax G / G - G azure in the thickness of 1.50 mm was laid as a pool seal. A special challenge was the transition between stainless steel and liner. This transition was realized with the help of a “Haklinband” (special sealing technology). The AGRU composite sheets were used to brace the pool liner as an intermediate fixture throughout the pool. In the beautiful color azure, the swimming pool now shines towards the visitors. Thanks to the new lining, the cleaning work is reduced to a minimum. Now the pool will be ready to use in just a few days after each season. Previously, this process took up to three weeks due to the extensive cleaning work.

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