AGRULINE large diameter pipes

The durable PE piping system for high volume flows.

The AGRULINE product group offers a complete, high-quality product range of pipes, fittings, valves and customized components made from polyethylene for safe and environmentally friendly supply of gas, potable water and wastewater transport. For high volume flow applications, AGRU provides a large diameter piping system up to OD 2500 mm made from PE 100 or PE 100-RC. The better long term hydraulic properties, which save operational costs, are based on a high resistance to corrosion, wear & tear and UV radiation. Together with its fast and easy installation, this is the perfect system both on- and offshore.

Heavy-duty dimensioned

With pipes available up to OD 2500 mm and 600 m in length and fittings, this piping system is designed for high volume flow applications such as cooling water intakes for power plants, large sewage systems, sea water desalination or mining jobs. The flexibility of PE withstands water hammers and pressure surges, where other materials would crack or burst. For instance AGRULINE large diameter pipes in SDR 11 with an outside diameter of 2500 mm are optimized for a maximum working pressure of 16 bars, meeting highest demands.

Outstanding life span

The AGRULINE large diameter piping system is made from extruded polyethylene, which never corrodes. This proven maintenance-free operation saves operating costs compared to other solutions made from steel. Furthermore, the high abrasion and UV radiation resistance ensure a prolonged life span. But the most important part of a piping system is invisible. It is the internal surface, which is responsible for a smooth hydraulic flow. AGRULINE offers the advantages of PE, which means that biogrowth and incrustations are virtually non-existent, offering best long-term hydraulic properties.

Fast and easy installation

Further characteristics of polyethylene are its high flexibility, low weight and easy weldability. The results are superior laying properties, allowing various installation methods both on- and offshore. The high flexibility for example ensures a fast & safe sinking process at offshore installation. Many times, direction changes even without elbows are possible. Despite their enormous size, AGRULINE large diameter pipes are lightweight cutting down transport and installation costs on-site Also the connection of AGRULINE large diameter pipes is an easy thing due to an extensive range of pipe diameters and fittings. The welding procedures themselves are straightforward and time saving. Four different connection methods are suitable and offered for joining AGRU large diameter pipes: Heated tool butt welding, electro-socket welding, saddle welding and flange connection.

No welding joints

For best-in-class logistics and a great reduction in the number of welds, AGRU is manufacturing AGRULINE large diameter pipes not only in Austria, Europe. A brand new plant near the sea port of Charleston, USA allows extrusion of up to 600 m long pipe strings right into the sea. Such long pipelines can save enormous labour costs during installation; since no or very few welding joints are required, even complete pipelines can be extruded in Charleston. Thanks to their buoyancy in water when both ends are sealed, these pipe strings can be towed by vessels worldwide over the oceans to their final destinations. The high-quality engineering polymers processed by AGRU on state-of-the-art production machines result in large diameter pipes with a high surface quality and perfect roundness. Since AGRU offers a one-stop-shop, also a wide range of standard fittings and special fittings, according to the requirements of the clients, are available.

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