Corporate Social Responsibility at AGRU

AGRU is a traditional family business in its third generation, whose foundation consists of sustainable plastic solutions. Our success story is based on the highest demands of our customers and the resulting trust in our products and brands. AGRU high-performance products enable technical solutions that sustainably protect people and nature. They are designed for an extremely long service life and can be recycled in just a few process steps at the end of their product life.

Holistic solutions apply not only to our customers and society, but also to our employees. Because innovation is lived in our owner-managed company - and so our employees are always developing new, even more sustainable products. Groundbreaking new developments have characterized AGRU since the beginning of plastics processing over 60 years ago. In 1961, we were one of the first companies in Europe to start producing plastic pipes made of PE and PP. This was followed in 1986 by the then widest geomembranes and our entry into the production of piping systems for computer chips. In 2010, we made history again with the largest, pressure-resistant PE pipe. We also achieved a major milestone with the opening of our own cleanroom plant in 2016 for processing fluoropolymers.

In 2016, AGRU opened a cleanroom plant for fluoropolymers.
In 2016, AGRU opened a cleanroom plant for fluoropolymers.

Today, exciting challenges and opportunities await our company with the megatrends of digitalization or energy supply with hydrogen and renewable energies. We are already working intensively on these topics in internal as well as cooperative research projects with partners from industry and research.

Applications to protect our environment

For the secure supply of vital resources, environmental technology applications form the backbone of our corporate activities. Our products are often used where environmental protection is directly involved. The high-performance plastics processed by AGRU are corrosion-resistant, chemically resistant, neutral to drinking water and shatterproof. They therefore have ideal properties for challenging sustainability projects

Drinking water reserves remain protected from fecal matter by AGRU piping.
Drinking water reserves remain protected from fecal matter by AGRU piping.

Global Group

Being a reliable employer means taking responsibility for your employees. Since the company was founded in 1948, AGRU has developed from a one-man operation into a global group with 1,200 employees. The majority of our products are still developed and produced at our Bad Hall site. We are known as a reliable, consistent and crisis-proof employer for the people in the region. In all stages of a professional life, be it the apprenticeship or as a senior expert or manager AGRU offers attractive jobs in a stable and value-oriented company.

AGRU employees are known as "The Plastics Experts" because of their knowledge.
AGRU employees are known as "The Plastics Experts" because of their knowledge.

Safety, quality and durability also characterize the high-tech AGRU products. Because when it comes to protecting people and the environment, there is no compromise. Our products undergo extensive quality control and reliability testing and are certified to numerous international standards and approved for the most demanding applications. Piping systems from AGRU deliver what they promise. In elaborate testing procedures that include abrasion tests, rigorous leak and burst pressure tests, our products are tested to many times their real-world operating conditions. These large safety margins ensure that AGRU users can rely one hundred percent on the quality, operational safety, reliability and durability.

Resource-saving production

The responsible use of resources is one of our maxims. Through the resource-conserving use of raw materials and energy and effective recycling management, the environment - locally, but also globally - can remain in balance as a result of our business activities. The majority of our thermoplastic products are manufactured mainly by extrusion, injection molding or compression molding. Special parts and more complex molded parts are created by machining.

A variety of joining and welding techniques are used to achieve resilient, material-locking and permanently tight connections between pipe sections and molded parts. In addition to high-tech machinery for shaping the material, the manufacture of our products also requires a large input of electrical energy for plasticizing the raw materials. In this process, the plastic granules are heated to their melting temperature in processing machines so that a hot, homogeneous plastic mass can be molded into pipes, sheets, geomembranes or injection-molded parts.  

In order to minimize the use of energy and raw materials in production, we use state-of-the-art machines, the most efficient production processes and self-generated solar power. In an optimized recycling process, the production waste from machining and thermoplastic processing is fed back into the value-added process and thus kept in the cycle.  

Regionality is written at AGRU. We develop, design and manufacture our products locally and source a large part of the raw materials from Austrian suppliers. Also in construction projects, only regional partners are used. Since the majority of our employees come from the surrounding area, travel distances and individual transport are reduced to a minimum.  

In order to protect the environment, AGRU uses renewable energy sources to add value wherever possible. These include:

  • Geothermal probes and thermal component activation
  • Photovoltaic systems with a total capacity of around 2,000 kWp
  • Wood chip heating
  • Heat recovery system
  • Free cooler and chiller
The roof surface of the new Plant 6 is equipped with photovoltaic elements.
The roof surface of the new Plant 6 is equipped with photovoltaic elements.

Upwind Entrepreneurship

Generating annual profits and investing in the company ensures jobs and continuous growth. In addition, this allows production to always be at the cutting edge of technology. We therefore focus on the continuous development of our product portfolio, closely monitor market trends and invest with foresight. AGRU is known worldwide as a "first mover" and technology leader in the processing of high-quality engineering plastics. In order to be able to operate in an economically sustainable manner in the future as well, a holistic innovation process derived from the corporate vision is being established that involves all relevant stakeholders in future developments in addition to research & development, application technology and plant management.  

AGRU – „Be part of the solution“  

Our own aspirations, political framework conditions and customer preferences will place even higher demands on our resource efficiency and sustainability in the future. We want to continuously further optimize the ecological footprint of our products and ensure that our plastics solutions continue to be among the best in their class. As the AGRU family, we make a promise to the future: We will go that "extra mile" together!

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