Fluoropolymers (PVDF, ECTFE, FEP, and PFA)

Highest corrosion resistance in the plastics sector

Depending on the application temperature, media and concentration, a number of fluoropolymers are available. These can be used as structural materials or as corrosion protection lining. In addition to the polymer, the type of installation plays a role in determining the maximum operating conditions.

Almost unlimited chemical resistance
ideal for applications with ultrapure water and highly purified chemicals
Self-cleaning surfaces

Almost unlimited chemical resistance

  • thanks to partially and fully fluorinated materials
  • fluorination provides extremely high corrosion resistance
  • for each kind of chemical, we have the ideal material

Developed for extreme temperatures

  • outstanding temperature stability between -190 °C and +260 °C
  • excellent low-temperature flexibility
  • exceptional weathering and UV-resistance

Ideal for high-purity applications

The minimal leaching behaviour of PVDF and PFA is achieved by using carefully selected raw material and optimised production processes. Products from AGRU are therefore ideal for applications with ultrapure water and highly purified chemicals, and for cleanroom use.

Self-cleaning surfaces

Fluoropolymers are distinguished by their extremely low surface tension and thus their antiadhesive qualities. This makes it possible to empty tanks and pipework virtually residue-free, and cleaning is very easy. As a result of their surface tension, fluids have the tendency to minimise their surface area and try to revert to a spherical shape. They therefore pearl off of the hydrophobic surface of fluoropolymers, taking dirt particles with them.


AGRU PVDF is a highly crystalline non-reinforced plastic that combines good mechanical, thermal, and electrical properties with excellent chemical resistance. In addition, it possesses good radiation resistance, which makes it ideal for high-end applications in the semiconductor, pharmaceutical, life science, and photovoltaic industries.

PVDF can be processed without additives, which gives it excellent leaching behaviour. HP PVDF is manufactured under strictly controlled purity conditions using carefully selected raw materials. Areas of application for these products include pipeline systems, storage and transportation tanks, and apparatuses requiring high media purity and leaching behaviour standards.

high-end high purity applications

PVDF can be equipped with electrically conductive particles especially for the electrical industry and explosion-proof areas. The conductive PVDF-el ESD (electrostatic discharge or electrically conductive) can be manufactured in sheets, rods, pipes, and welding rods and has a lower surface resistance, which in turn prevents electrostatic charging.

PVDF Flex is an excellent alternative to well-known, conventional fluoropolymers. When it comes to processing, important rationalisation effects can be achieved using the glass-fibre-reinforced plastic through increased flexibility, especially in the case of systems bonded to steel, but also in the case of confined spaces or small radii.

AGRU PVDF is a highly crystalline non-reinforced plastic

ECTFE excellent resistance to the corrosive influence


ECTFE possesses a unique combination of properties that are the result of its chemical structure, which consists of a copolymer with ethylene and chlorotrifluoroethylene arranged alternately. ECTFE demonstrates excellent resistance to the corrosive influence of heat, strong radiation, and weathering. The material has high impact resistance and shows almost no property changes in a wide temperature range, making it particularly well-suited for demanding industrial applications. Its excellent welding properties and thermoplastic formability also make simple and cost-saving processing possible, both in the workshop and on-site. Compared to PVDF, ECTFE has a better chemical resistance, especially when exposed to lyes.


FEP, which is a fully fluorinated plastic, offers outstanding corrosion resistance. It performs reliably over the enormous range of temperatures between -190 °C and +205 °C, and can therefore be used in numerous industrial applications. Flexibility, thermoformability and optimum welding properties mean AGRU FEP products can be manufactured reliably at low costs.


PFA is the highest grade plastic in the AGRU portfolio. It is suitable for an extremely broad spectrum of applications thanks to its resistance to almost any medium and its temperature range of -190 °C to +260 °C, meaning it can be offered as a solution even for extreme chemicals at high temperatures. The products made of PFA are also available in HP HP (High Purity) quality. The HP quality means it can be used for applications in the semiconductor, pharmaceutical, and food industries that require high purity levels.

fully fluorinated plastic and highest grade plastic

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