Sodium chloride solution pipeline

FEP fabric backed sheets and liner pipes

The finnish company Muovityö Hiltunen Oy manufactured a 65 m long dual-laminate DN 600 pipeline for the transport of a sodium chloride solution (NaCl).

Pipe segments lined with AGRU FEP GGS sheets
Figure 1: Pipe segments lined with AGRU FEP GGS sheets

Project Date: 2020
Distributor: Atolli Oy (Fluorotech)
Material: 2.3 mm FEP GGS fabric backed sheets and OD 110 mm liner pipes, FEP welding rod
Medium: Sodium chloride solution (NaCl)
Pressure: 2.5 bar
Temperature: 100 °C
Dimensions: DN 600 pipe segments, DN 100 stub-ends/flanges total length of 65 m

About the project

Large quantities of sodium chloride solution are used in many industrial processes within the chemical industry. It is a source of sodium and chlorine compounds used as feedstocks for further chemical syntheses. Since sodium chloride solution is corrosive to stainless steel and other metal alloys, a long-term dual-laminate solution consisting of the thermoplastic liner material FEP (Fluoroethylene-Propylene) and an outer fibre-reinforced plastic (FRP) structure was chosen. While the outer FRP structure bears the mechanical load, the FEP liner material guarantees the chemical resistance and leak-tightness against the media.

Muovityö Hiltunen Oy constructed 19 DN 600 mm pipe segments each with 3.4 m length and with approximately 100 stub-ends and flanges resulting in a total length of 65 m.

pipe segment FEP inliner
Figure 2: Inside view of a pipe segment (FEP inliner)

The liner material FEP

FEP, which is a fully fluorinated thermoplastic, offers outstanding chemical resistance. It performs reliably over the enormous temperature range of -190 °C to +205 °C, and can therefore be used in numerous industrial applications. Flexibility, thermosformability and optimal welding properties ensure easy fabrication of tanks and appa-ratus made from AGRU FEP products.

Fluoropolymers are also distinguished by their extremely low surface tension and thus their antiadhesive qualities. As a result, fluids pearl off the hydrophobic surface allowing to empty tanks and pipework with a minimum of residues.

Pipe segment with stub-flanges
Figure 3: Pipe segment with stub-flanges

Dual-laminate constructions with fabric backed products

AGRU offers a wide range of semi-finished products including fabric backed sheets and pipes. During the produc-tion process a fabric backing is embedded into the polymer which later ensures an optimal bonding strength between the liner material and its FRP structure. Fabric backed products provide long-lasting solutions for a variety of applications thanks to chemically resistant fabrics made of various materials like polyester, synthetic or glass fibres.

AGRU fabric backed semi-finished products are available out of all our materials, be it PE, PP, PVDF, ECTFE, FEP or PFA. A comprehensive product portfolio and extensive stock-keeping makes AGRU a one-stop shop for manufacturers of the industry.

Advantages of AGRU FEP GGS fabric backed sheets, liner pipes and dual-laminate constructions

  • AGRU FEP has an outstanding chemical resistance to almost any chemical media
  • AGRU FEP performs reliably over an enormous temperature range
  • Flexibility, thermoformability and optimal welding properties ensure easy fabrication of tanks and apparatus made from AGRU FEP products
  • In general dual-laminate applications are suitable for operation temperatures of up to 180 °C (depending on the composition of material and chemical), even under vacuum

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