PVDF fabric backed sheets for chromic acid baths

Finished Tank

AGRU PVDF is a highly crystalline, non-reinforced plastic that combines good mechanical, thermal, and electrical properties with an excellent chemical resistance. A fully bonded lining made of fabric backed PVDF sheet material applied to steel provides a long-term chemical resistance at temperatures up to 120 °C.

Location: Tuzla/Istanbul Turkey
End-customer: Tarakcioglu
Fabricator: GEZER End.
Year of installation: 2020
Material: PVDF fabric backed
Medium: Chromic acid 250 g/l
Temperature: 55 °C.

Installation Process

PVDF fabric backed

The end-customer, Tarakcioglu, has established itself as the Turkish industry leader in industrial hard chrome plating, cylindrical grinding and surface treatment. The company offers an extended range of solutions for European, Turkish and Asian regions. Today Tarakcioglu operates with its 35 specialists at its Tuzla plant, which has a 3,500 m²-closed area, equipped with modern wastewater treatment unit and advanced equipment.

Chromic acid baths were designed for the plant in Tuzla and installed in January 2020. As part of the installation, GEZER End. made the required steel tanks and lined them with fabric backed PVDF sheets from AGRU.   
The company GEZER End. is very satisfied with the customer service by AGRU and thanks everyone involved.  

Welding of PVDF sheets.

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