Hydrochloric acid pickling bath for large metal parts

For the construction of a hydrochloric acid pickling bath 10 mm AGRU PE 100-RC black sheets and welding rod were processed. The bath holds a geometric volume of 32 m³. To ensure a leak-tight connection between the sheets, extrusion welding was applied.

pickling bath
the pickling bath
Extrusion welding of the floor of the pickling bath

PE 100-RC black sheets and welding rod

Projectdate: 2020
Distributor: Atolli Oy (Fluorotech)
Fabricator: Atolli Oy (Fluorotech)
Material: PE 100-RC black sheets, PE 100-RC black welding rod
Hydrochloric acid (HCl)
Pressure: Atmospheric
Temperature: Ambient
Dimensions: 12000 x 1300 mm

The pickling process is done at atmospheric pressure and ambient temperature. It is mainly used for surface cleaning and surface treatment of metal parts.

Polyethylen PE 100-RC

PE 100-RC is characterized by a high toughness and a very good chemical resistance. It can be used from -40 °C to +60 °C. Other characteristics of PE are its good resistance to wear, very good electrical insulation and high vibration damping. However, its most important attribute for tank construction is most likely its re-sistance to stress cracking (RC = resistant to crack). Semi-finished products out of PE 100-RC therefore ex-hibit significant advantages for applications with media that cause stress cracks, like hydrochloric acid, thus resulting in an increase in service life of the constructions.

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