AGRU PE100-RC Products for a chemical storage tank

Application:Tank wit internal conical bottom for the chemical industry
Fabricator:GEZER Endüstri
Year of installation:2023
Material:PE100-RC sheets, thickness 15-30 mm
Medium:Hydrochloric acid with a concentration of 33 %
Temperature:up to 40°C

The company GEZER Endüstri / GEZER Plastik, which established in 1986 (well known for its exceptional service mentality and a team of specialists in the field), has main focus on manufacturing and the supply of thermoplastic products for the infrastructure (storm water, sewage) and the manufacturing of thermoplastic tanks/special equipment (chemical storage tanks, custom made parts). In 2023 the company GEZER manufactured a tank made of AGRU products in PE100-RC for the chemical industry.

Tank for the storage of hydrochloric acid

Hydrochloric acid is an inorganic chemical that is indispensable in the chemical process industry. In the described application, a tank for hydrochloric acid with a concentration of 33% was manufactured. Hydrochloric acid in such high concentrations is an aggressive, very dangerous chemical. Storage tanks must be absolutely safe to avoid danger to people and the environment. For this chemical, the Gezer company manufactured a tank with a diameter of 2.1 meters and a height of 5.7 meters. The tank was calculated in accordance with DVS guideline 2205. PE100-RC sheets with a wall thickness of 30 mm were used for the lower area. According to the static calculation, the wall thickness was reduced to 15 mm in the upper part. Extruded sheetsvmade of PE100-RC black were used for this application because they are chemically resistant to the acid, and the products are also UV-stabilized in the long term (the tank is installed outdoors). High-quality extruded plates and welding rods from AGRU are preferred for such critical chemical applications because the excellent material properties and low internal stresses ensure safety against chemical attack by highly concentrated acids (it should be noted that inorganic acids are semi-finished products cause immediate damage in this area with high internal stresses).

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