Tunnel liner for water proofing of the Tunnel Leutenbach

Easy installation of the tunnel liner by use of hot air mounting procedure

Installation with a hot air system

Project name: Tunnel Leutenbach
Project date: 2008/09
Products: 52 000 m² AGRUFLEX tunnel liner 3.2 mm, fleece-backed and coextruded, VLDPE tunnel liner, 7 800 m water stop profile SAA 500/6

Hot air scaffolding

The expansion of the federal road B14 required the construction of a tunnel to relieve the city of Leutenbach from excessive traffic. 660m of the two parallel tunnel tubes, with a total length of 1 080 m were made by blast construction. Moreover, three rescue shafts were excavated for security reasons - to provide sufficient escape routes.

The AGRU Easy Fix system, combined with hot air mounting, was used to seal the arch to achieve highest performance. Geotextile-backed VLDPE tunnel liner and a textile that is fixed to the shotcrete were installed.

By means of an automatic process, both textiles were thermally bound by using a hot air bar mounted onto the scaffolding. Furthermore, rollers ensured the pressure necessary for joining.

General benefits

  • Automated installation of tunnel liners with high weight
  • No additives needed, just hot air
  • No thermal stress on the geomembranes
  • Increased system reliability due to the reduction of welding seams
  • For this Project, geomembranes with 4.0m width were used. Therefore, the number of welds could be reduced by 50%.

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