Palm Islands lagoon construction

Palm Islands protected by AGRU products

The Palm Island in Dubai
The Palm Island in Dubai

Project name: Palm-Island
Project date: 2006
Products: 10,000 metres water stop profiles
Geomembranes: 110,000 m² HDPE flex liners 2.0 mm
Concrete protective liner: 10,000 m² HDPE AGRU-SURE GRIP - 3.0 mm

View of the Burj Khalifa on the construction site
The Palm Jumeirah
Connection to the mainland
View of the Burj Khalifa on the construction site
The Palm Jumeirah
Connection to the mainland

The Palm Island in Dubai is the start of several touristic projects in Dubai to build up alternative branches for the time-off of the oil production. The artificial island, with main and ring islands, is in need of according infrastructure.

AGRU products are used to protect concrete piles for bridges against saltwater and to seal the main supply tunnel and undercrossing. Due to the present requirements on reliability and durability were focus was on the selection of products concerning reliability and product quality.

Already during the design stage of this project AGRU was involved in the technical planning together with our distribution partner BMC Gulf to realize the set high specification requirements. The HDPE AGRU-SURE GRIP  concrete protective liner protecting piles for bridges against corrosion by saltwater as well as AGRU HDPE flex geomembranes for a waterproof maintenance tunnel and bridge undercrossing were chosen for the Palm City due to their high quality and durability of AGRU products. Bridge foundations are built with AGRU-SURE GRIP lining to shield the concrete and reinforcement against saltwater and corrosion.

The AGRU-SURE GRIP concrete protective liner with patented anchor stud design is effectively installed worldwide for more than 20 years fulfilling the highest requirements on concrete protection and is available in worldwide unique seamless width of 5 m since 2006.

For the main connection tunnel from the main island to the ring island a tunnel construction was built for which the sea was „separated“ at a width of 300 m with 30 m high sheet pile walls and the construction site was dewatered using high-capacity pumps.

The tunnel was executed as a cut and cover construction with 1.5 mm thick water proof concrete construction with inside and outside water stops and a prophylactic injection system. The external water stops for the construction joints and expansion joints have been supplied by AGRU to seal the cast-compartments for each concrete section and to allow expansion and contraction of the concrete tunnel construction.

Furthermore the water stops were used to thermally connect the AGRU HDPE flex liner 2.0 mm which is the primary sealing of the complete construction to protect against saltwater-infiltration according to an especially developed installation system.

After the completion in 2007 the 4 lane maintenance-tunnel to the ring island is about 25 m under the water level. Our local partner in Dubai:

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