HYDROCLICK drinking water tower Dippach

Lining of a water tower under demanding conditions with AGRU-HYDROCLICK concrete protection.

The municipality Dippach needed a new combined water and water pressure tank.

Construction period: 2015 - 2017
Scope of service:
- Consulting in the planning phase
- HYDROCLICK Roll Goods und Concrete Protection Liner Click rail
- PE blue sheets and welding rods

- TR Engineering
- Peter Spieleder GmbH
- Deutsche Foamglas GmbH

The existing drinking water tank of the growing community of Dippach (L) could no longer guarantee the supply of drinking water in the foreseeable future. In order to continue to ensure that there are no supply shortages, architectural firm Paul Bretz was commissioned in 2013 to design a combined elevated tank and water pressure tank. The planned design featured exposed concrete walls in the walk-in interiors and on the facade.

Old drinking water tank in Dippach.

As an eye-catcher, the overhead pressure chambers are designed as cantilever girders, which were planned and executed free-floating over 12 m.

The statics and construction planning of the extravagant building was taken over by TR Engineering. In addition to the extreme static stresses caused by the cantilever beam design in reinforced concrete, the requirements of the architectural office with regard to the appearance of the container, which in turn had an impact on the lining of the container chambers, were decisive here. The entire facade of the building was made of fair-faced concrete. To prevent condensation on the outer walls, the water tank had to be insulated with 600 m³ storage volume.

An external insulation was not desired due to the special facade effect. The internal dividing walls between the individual chambers were without insulation. In order to meet the high demands on drinking water quality and design, FRANK GmbH - as an experienced specialist in HDPE concrete protection - was involved in the planning and design. In close cooperation with the engineering office TR-Engineering, a multi-layered solution was developed, consisting of AGRU-HYDROCLICK lining and a glass foam insulation applied to the concrete.

Particular attention was paid to the compressive strength of the glass foam insulation and the optimal connection of the multi-layer construction to the infrastructure of the tank. Due to the good properties of the glass foam insulation, it was possible to press the back spacer studs of the AGRU HYDROCLICK system directly into the insulation - the studs are originally intended for drainage. The transfer of the immense water load to the massive concrete wall could thus be ensured.

Concept of container construction
Exterior view oft he water tower

Here, both the simple and secure attachment by means of click strips, as well as the low weight of the AGRU HDPE Concrete Protection were decisive. Conventional methods had serious disadvantages.

AGRU HDPE Concrete protection and insulation in the composite
Insulation material
Wall installation with glass foam insulation underneath

In addition to the DVGW W270 and the test according to the KTW guideline, the ÖVGW, SVGW and KIWA approvals are also available for the AGRU-HYDDROCLICK system, which has been proven for many years. Since the inner surfaces of the container are in contact with drinking water throughout the life of the structure, all work in the container has been carried out under hygienic conditions. In addition to compliance with the applicable DVGW W300 regulations, there is also a protective foil on all surfaces until disinfection. This prevents both damage and contamination during installation.

Due to the excellent processing properties of the material HDPE and the capabilities of Peter Spieleder GmbH, the lining of the drinking water chambers could be accomplished in a short time.

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