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AGRULINE: Piping Systems for gas supply, water supply, sewage disposal, biogas, cooling water 

INDUSTRIE: Piping Systems for water supply, desalination, apparatus building and for the chemical and life science industry

PURAD: Piping Systems for the pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry and semiconductor industry.

CONCRETE PROTECTION: Sheets for potable water tanks, bridge building, building construction, power stations, mining, landfill sites, fish farming, tunnels, sewage treatment, transport and storage of media

SEMI FINISHED: Sheets, round bars and welding rods for apparatus and tank constructions, pharmaceutical industry, semiconductor industry, special parts

AGRUAIR: Piping Systems for pressurised air

LINING SYSTEMS: Geomembranes for tunnels, landfill sites, mining industry, flat roofs, artificial water reservoirs for snow production, artificial potabel water ponds, swimming pools, waterproofing

WELDING SYSTEMS: More than 20 years accumulated experience in infrared welding technology

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