AGRU pipes for de-icing sprinkler system

Safe ride on the Japanese bullet train Shinkansen thanks to AGRU pipelines

piping components for rail deicing system

Project name: Shinkansen Japan
Project date: 2008 - 2013
Products: HDPE 100-RC
E-Fittings: E-Coupler OD 110mm – OD 400mm
Fittings: bends and sweep bends OD 125mm – OD 400mm

The railway Shinkansen
Installation of the PE 100 sprinkler system

Shinkansen (新幹線) is a network of high-speed railway lines in Japan operated by four Japan Railway Group companies. It is one of the safest means of transportation and is actually the safest highspeed railway line. Since it’s launch in 1964 there have been no passenger fatalities. Also during the earthquake in October 2004 (6.4 on the Richter magnitude scale) where the train derailed for the first time, no casualties among the passengers happened.

To keep the rails free of snow and ice in the cold and high-rainfall season sprinkler systems have been installed to meet the high quality standards of the Shinkansen railway network. Up to now, the pipelines mentioned were made of steel. Corrosion in the steel pipelines is caused by the seasonal system stop during the warm summer time which in conclusion caused a malfunction of the deicing when it was needed.


High maintenance work
and downtimes were the results. In order to find the best suiting material to avoid such defects and to provide safety in case of earthquakes, a complete change in design was done for the railway lines. High efficient piping systems out of PE 100 were chosen as future solution.

Corrosion resistance was one of the crucial points for this application and is one of the main advantages of PE 100 pipes compared to metallic products.

For the new train section Tokyo - Shin Aomori high quality PE 100 E-fittings and special components from AGRU have been used in order to fulfil the stringent requirements in this installation. Additional expansions were installed only with PE 100 piping systems whereby products of AGRU have provided a very important contribution.

For the sprinkler system at the Shinkansen highspeed railway track AGRU E-couplers in the dimensions OD 110 mm to OD 400 mm were applied because of the easy and safe installation at the rail track. Furthermore moulded AGRU sweep bends OD 125 mm to OD 400 mm were applied to ensure excellent flow characteristics and high pressure ratings of the installed piping system.

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