Austrian quality for fertiliser plant in Indonesia

Process cooling water pipeline in fertiliser plant

Specially prefabricated spool-pieces

Project name: process cooling water pipeline East Kalimantan
Project date: 2011 – 2012
HDPE 100-RC pipes: OD 1400 mm SDR 17 - 1.6 km, OD 1200 mm SDR 17 to, OD 110 mm SDR 17 - about 3.5 km
Fittings: injection moulded, machined or segmented - up to OD 1400 mm Specially prefabricated spool-pieces

AGRU supervising on-site
Welding on-site with a WIDOS 16000

The construction of a fertiliser plant requires a cooling water supply pipeline used for the thermal power station. Due to local circumstances the owner decided on a seawater intake pipeline.

AGRU fabricated pipes and fittings suitable for container shipment and provided the entire welding equipment as well as the supervising on-site.


Key benefit of AGRU HDPE pipes

  • Best suitability for seawater, no corrosion
  • Fast installation by butt welding
  • Low transport costs
  • Full availability of fittings

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