World’s highest indoor waterfall powered by AGRU

Jewel Changi Airport in Singapore is undergoing expansion to include a mixed-use complex. Over 10 storeys, the new facility will span a gross floor space of 134,000 m2. The attractions will include the Rain Vortex, the largest indoor waterfall in the world; the Forest Valley, a five-storey indoor garden with 2,500 trees and 100,000 pieces of shrubbery; and 300 businesses and restaurants. AGRU has provided the supply pipeline for the world’s highest waterfall of its type, which came in the form of 2,400 metres of AGRULINE HDPE 100 pipes with an outer diameter of 110 mm and SDR 17.

highest indoor waterfall powered by AGRU
World's highest indoor waterfall powered by AGRU
Changi Juwel AGRU hdpe piping system
Image 1
Changi Juwel AGRU hdpe piping system
Image 2

Hitachi Aqua Tech Engineering Pte Ltd installed our AGRULINE pipes as the water supply system for the 40 m-high indoor waterfall. This involved using long pipe sections, which extend for 11.8 m. These were butt-welded together into a string inside the building, before being pushed up onto the roof through the future waterfall’s oculus. Since a butt welding machine could not be installed on the structure of the roof, the remaining segments were joined by means of electro-socket welding. More than 200 e-couplers were used in this process. The pipeline could then be attached to the steel beams using pipe clips. In addition, the lines were cladded with stainless steel panels to ensure that they fit in architecturally with the design as a whole. After long and intensive product testing, the end customer opted for our pipes, which clearly prevailed over the originally planned stainless steel pipes thanks to the outstanding qualities of HDPE 100. The complex is planned to open in early 2019.

Image 1: The water line was attached to the roof supported by pipe clips.

Image 2: A strong head for heights was an absolute must for the installation staff working on this project.

Changi Juwel AGRU hdpe piping system
The world’s highest indoor waterfall (standing 40 m high) has its water supplied from an AGRULINE piping system.

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