ECTFE Chlorination piping system

In 2015 a PE 100-RC XXL piping system (OD = 1600 mm) was installed on the Arabian Peninsula for a seawater intake system. For the chlorination of the seawater an ECTFE chlorination pipe system in OD 32 mm and SDR 21 was added. Halar ECTFE pipe systems for sodium hypochlorite ensure safe operating conditions for many years. 

ECTFE piping system OD 63 mm (in SDR21)
Piping systems in ECTFE are offering the best performance.

Chlorination on seawater intake systems is essential for smooth operation and long-term performance of the plastic piping system.

The design and construction of such Halar ECTFE piping systems requires consideration of many aspects, such as chemical resistance to the medium, temperature and pressure resistance, installation performance (flexibility), maintenance requirements, long service life (uptime), low permeation (to protect the environment) and operational safety.

Chlorination pipes from AGRU

Chlorination pipes in ECTFE are offering the best performance. Halar ECTFE is the only material that provides a safe solution for sodium hypochlorite for long-term use. AGRU has more than 30 years of experience in the production and application of ECTFE pipes.

 Project data:

  • Location: Arabic peninsula
  • Year of installation: 2015
  • Material: ECTFE Chlorination pipes
  • Dimension:32 x 2,4 mm (in form of coils)
  • Medium: Sodium hypochlorite
  • Temperature: 20°C

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